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L&I Claim Notices: Notice of Decision, Payment Order

Workers’ compensation claims can be overwhelming. Recently, I’ve consulted with several injured workers who have been completely overwhelmed with their claims. As a result, they started avoiding claim related documents. Among those, are L&I notice of decision letters. You must not ignore those.


Dealing with L&I claim orders and communications

Some work injury claimants I talk to no longer open their mail because it was causing them too much anxiety. I call this the “ostrich approach”. Just like an ostrich, burying its head in the sand, injured workers with a work injury claim who avoid claim-related communication don’t see the danger that is coming. They may miss critical deadlines, which in turn, can cause permanent harm to their workers compensation claim.

The Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) has the obligation to administer work injury claims. Similarly, claimants have the right to challenge L&I decisions that they believe are a mistake. However, work injury claimants only have 60 days to challenge and protest an L&I decision. If you do not file a request for reconsideration within 60 days, then you essentially waive your right to challenge L&I.

Remember, L&I makes mistakes. There’s no question about it. But, like it or not, it’s your job to be on top of things. In other words, if you don’t appeal an L&I decision, their mistake becomes final and binding under the law, no matter how wrong it may be.


L&I notice of decision

When L&I makes a decision concerning an issue in an L&I claim, they must notify the injured worker. In fact, they have to send something called a written order. Usually, these decisions are titled “NOTICE OF DECISION”. Here is what one that comes from L&I looks like:


L-and-I Notice Of Decision


L&I payment order

Sometimes L&I makes unfavorable decisions in what they title “PAYMENT ORDERS”. You would think something called a payment order would be a favorable decision issuing a payment. It isn’t uncommon for L&I to make a decision denying time-loss compensation or closing a claim in a decision called “PAYMENT ORDER”. Here is an example:


L&I Payment Order


Can I protest a notice of decision or payment order?

Whether a decision is a NOTICE OF DECISION, PAYMENT ORDER, or has some other label, it’s’ easy to tell if you have the right to protest. For that, you can refer to the bottom of the decision letter and read it carefully. For example, it will look something like this:


L&I protest order


In some cases, work injury claimants protest a decision. Then, after some time goes by,  L&I affirms its previous determination. When this is the case, the notice of appeal rights looks as follows:


L&I Notice Of Appeal


Monitor your L&I claim

If you have a work injury claim or L&I claim, the most important thing you can do is to pay attention to notices. You can protect yourself and protect your workers compensation claim by protesting or challenging L&I’s mistakes on time. There is nothing more heartbreaking for me than being contacted by an injured worker who disagrees with an L&I decision after they waited too long to dispute a decision.

Don’t be overwhelmed by your claim. If your claim and the associated correspondence is causing you too much anxiety, contact an experienced attorney who can help alleviate your anxiety. Your attorney will receive all the communications directly. They will oversee your claim and ensure that the Department’s mistakes are challenged on time.


  1. blank

    To whom it may concern I have an Inguinal hernia. My Doctor and spokesman safety person from my last employer also said it’s an Occupational disease. L&I is reviewing my claim on 3-17. Went to my doctor on Jan 29. Got an excuse from him to stay hm. Returned on Feb 5 made it through that day. The next morning I felt this horrible gut ache went to my Dr he sent me to Evergreen hospital for CT scan which showed a hernia in my lower right side. Called my employer on the Feb 7th and was laid off? So now I have to prove its Occupational disease. Not sure what to do??

    • blank
      L&I attorney

      Thank you for your comment and for reaching out. Someone from our office will be in touch with you to try help you navigate your situation. Thank you again and please take care.

  2. blank
    James Johnson

    Hello, L & I. Kind of confused here. The COVID-19 thing does not help us. I have received documents titled “PAYMENT ORDER”. Then at the bottom, it states:


    1) Dated: (a) 03.18.20 and (b) 03.31.20

    What are these for? Why no final decision. Thank You, Jim

  3. blank

    I recieved a notice of decision stating that I owe almost $800 from overpayment on the dates 1-12-21 to 2-27-21 when my injury date was 8-31-20 to Jan-11-21. I was back to work on regular duty at those times, and I kept receiving explanation of bill reviews from a doctor I haven’t seen since November 2020. What do I do?

    • blank
      L&I attorney

      Hi Karyn. I would need to ask some clarifying questions in order to understand the situation better and then point you in the right direction. Can you call any one of our offices so we can have a conversation? Our consultation service is free of charge.

  4. blank
    Marilyn Harbert

    Part of My L & I claim was denied and I was told that L & I would recoup money paid to the treatment for a provider. Do I have to pay them back? I’m scared. Do I have to repay the benefits I have received and all medical fees for the denied claim?

    • blank
      L&I attorney

      Please call our office. There’s no quick and easy answer for this.

  5. blank

    Awesome that you included pictures and examples of what comes from L&I. Visuals are a great way to explain.

  6. blank

    We finally received a “claim allowance request” form. no explanation no nothing and claims manager isn’t returning emails and calls. Does that mean it is approved?

    • blank
      L&I attorney

      Probably not. It likely means a request has been made to L&I to issue a formal order accepting the claim.

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