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Many people go to work every day and enjoy their job and work environment. They like their co-workers and management team and the people they report to. Some workers are very respected and are treated very fairly at their job and collect a good salary and stellar health benefits. However, if you happen to suffer a workplace injury, in Tacoma and any other place in Pierce County and beyond, don’t be surprise if things change.

Employers pay insurance premiums to the Department of Labor and Industries (L&I). If you get hurt on the job or are involved in a work accident, those workers’ comp insurance premiums will likely rise for your employer. Because of that, many employers fight work injury claims, workers’ compensation claims and L&I claims in Tacoma as hard as they can, to prevent additional monetary expenses. Therefore, you shouldn’t be surprised if your managers or co-workers don’t treat you so well after you file an L&I claim because of your work accident.


We help injured workers in Tacoma with their L&I claim

Washington State requires employers and employees to pay towards a work injury insurance fund. If you were hurt at work, then L&I or your self-insured employer are responsible to cover your medical bills. Moreover, they are responsible for lost wages for the time you spent at home or in the hospital trying to recover from your injuries. Even if you are working part time after the accident, they are also responsible for your partially lost wages and reduced salary rate.

If you think that your employer or L&I are cutting corners, please call us immediately. Reck Law – Workers’ Compensation Attorneys is a top workers’ compensation law firm in Tacoma that also serves cities nearby, including Federal Way, Lakewood, Olympia, Lacey, Puyallup, and University Place. We also take workers’ compensation cases in Tumwater, Bonney Lake, Tukwila, Edgewood, Gig Harbor, Sumner, Fife, Yelm, Enumclaw, Auburn, all the way down to Vancouver, Washington. Remember, if you are looking for a top workers’ compensation law firm in Pierce County, King County, Thurston County, Lewis County, or Clark County, you can rest assured that our Tacoma workers’ compensation attorney office serves all these locations.


L&I claim and workers’ compensation claim cases in Washington State

Some industries and occupations have a higher risk of being injured in a workplace accident or contracting a work-related illness (also called Occupational Disease). However, accidents can happen anywhere, and employees can suffer a work injury on the job in every kind of business or company. Negative consequences from a work-related injury can range from physical pain and your ability to perform your previous work functions, to being unable to pay your household bills and providing for your family. A work injury attorney can help secure your benefits following physical or bodily injuries and health illnesses or disease arising from your workplace or work conditions.

Sometimes accidents just happen. Other times, the actions of others are responsible for creating conditions that increase the risk of occupational injuries. In Washington State, it doesn’t matter who’s at fault. Full time, part time, and even seasonal temporary workers enjoy the protection of the law. Therefore, every workers’ comp lawyer at Reck Law – Workers’ Compensation Attorneys has the experience and knowledge to provide top notch representation for employees and workers that suffer work injuries, including:

  • Back injuries such as upper back cervical spine injuries or injuries around the thoracic nerves arising from work accidents
  • Work injuries in the lower back area affecting the lumbar spine or around the sacrum region
  • Slip and fall injuries that can happen on the field or even in an office
  • Neurological motion illnesses such as carpal tunnel syndrome or CTS
  • Knee, shoulder, and other injuries and illnesses
  • Injuries suffered in crash or crushing accidents
  • Bone fractures, compound and simple
  • Soft tissue or muscle injury
  • Single or long-term exposure to toxic chemicals at work
  • Any other conditions or injuries that impact your ability to work


Workers’ compensation laws in Washington State

The State of Washington has a complex set of workers’ compensation laws. These laws were enacted and designed to protect injured workers in the Tacoma area, in Pierce County, and everywhere else in Washington State. The laws are written so that if you are hurt on the job, you must receive compensation like payments for medical bills and your lost wages relating to your industrial injury or occupational disease. Every workers’ compensation attorney in Tacoma at our Reck Law – Workers’ Compensation Attorneys law firm exclusively handles L&I claims and self-insured employer claims. This is the only area of law that we practice.

We employ reputable caring attorneys and every Washington State L&I lawyer at our office is here to help you. Every L&I attorney at our office has vast experience with L&I techniques, procedures, regulations, and knows how to handle the tricks and maneuvers that L&I can pull to affect your L&I claim outcome. You can leverage the decades of experience that every workers’ comp attorney brings to handle the unique conditions of your L&I claim.


L&I attorney help and services

In fact, every work injury lawyer here at Reck Law utilizes proven techniques and their comprehensive knowledge of Washington State law to negotiate and get you the best result for your workers’ compensation claim. From free claim investigation and free consultation, to claim management and appealing decisions made by L&I or by a third-party administrator. Moreover, appealing decisions at the Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals in front of a board judge, or pushing issues and litigating in Pierce County Superior Court and other jurisdictions, as needed.

Workers’ compensation laws in Washington State have been put in place to help Tacoma workers who are hurt on the job. A workman’s compensation attorney from a team of legal experts specializing in L&I claim cases will take the stress out of your situation by handling every detail of the process. From appeals to litigation, all you have to do is recover from your injury and a workman’s compensation lawyer at Reck Law will take care of the rest. Contact one of our Tacoma workers’ compensation law firm staff members for knowledgeable and helpful representation. Schedule a free consultation about your workplace injury claim or learn how you can improve your workers’ compensation claim situation and benefits.


A Work injury lawyer protects the rights of workplace injury victims

While you are recovering from a job-related injury, working your way back to health and back to your job, medical expenses can pile up. The paychecks you are no longer receiving can affect your ability to provide for yourself and your family and put your loved ones at risk. The workers’ compensation laws in Washington State allow for injured workers to be compensated for the financial and physical conditions caused by accidents and incidents on the job that result in workplace injuries or illnesses. A Tacoma workman’s compensation attorney at the respected law firm of Reck Law – Workers’ Compensation Attorneys can help you fight for the full compensation and benefits you deserve.

A workman’s compensation lawyer understands that this is a sensitive time in your life, and it is stressful and frustrating. After you file your L&I claim with the help of your attending physician, if your claim gets stuck or you run into difficult challenges, then you need an attorney. A qualified L&I attorney at Reck Law has years of experience representing victims of workplace accidents that result in a wide range of injuries. When you hire the help of a workman’s compensation lawyer, your chances to secure your workers’ comp benefits increase significantly. Those benefits may include:

  • Compensation for missed salary payments, including time loss compensation and loss of earning power
  • Vocational services and vocational rehabilitation or retraining to get you back to work
  • Past and future wages lost while recovering from workplace injuries
  • Medical bills, physical therapy and rehabilitation treatment costs directly related to the workplace injury
  • Permanent partial disability (PPD) or permanent total disability, or even temporary disability


I have a claim – Is it time to hire a workers’ compensation lawyer?

Not every injury sustained while at work will require the professional services of a workman’s compensation lawyer. Minor cuts, abrasions, or the occasional twisted ankle that can be easily treated, or even a more serious injury that requires a trip to the Emergency Room, can likely be handled with some simple paperwork. If you don’t lose any time from work or incur any significant medical expenses for treatment or rehabilitation, then you don’t really need an attorney.

After you suffer a more serious injury that results in extensive treatment and rehab causing you to miss work for more than a day or two, you owe it to your physical and financial well-being to consult with a workers’ comp lawyer who will provide solutions to make sure your L&I claim is approved and handled properly. If L&I or a private insurance company is trying to deny your benefits, or denying medical exams for example, you should consult with a workers’ compensation attorney.

No matter how minor or serious your injuries, each workers’ compensation lawyer at Reck Law is here to assist you. It is always advisable to speak with one of our staff members to make sure your claim manager or claim administrator is not taking advantage of you. Keep in mind, your employer is not on your side when it comes to the financial elements of your L&I claim. In many cases, they want to handle the situation by giving you the least amount of compensatory payments they can get away with. In contrast, every workman’s compensation attorney at our law firm will have your best interests.


We are dedicated to representing injured workers

Whatever circumstances led you to being injured, a work injury lawyer has seen it before. Many injured workers have been successfully represented by our fine workers’ comp lawyer and staff in the Tacoma area, receiving medical and financial benefits for their work injury or work accident.

A qualified L&I lawyer can be of great assistance and value to you and your family in the following situations:

  • Your workers’ compensation claim is either denied, or you are suffering long delays and not getting the benefits you deserve in a timely manner
  • Your employer or L&I is offering you a settlement and you are not sure if the settlement is fair, or if it will cover future medical bills or missed salary payments
  • You are unable to return to your job of injury
  • You are not able to return to work at all because of your condition
  • Your employer or L&I is using retaliation tactics after you file an L&I claim
  • A future workers’ compensation hearing is scheduled with the Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals (BIIA) or elsewhere
  • Your injuries require more medical treatment after an L&I claim is filed or after your L&I claim closes


A workers’ comp lawyer is available to manage your workers’ compensation claim

Were you or a loved one injured at work in the Tacoma area, or in any one of the cities near Tacoma? Do you know of anyone that needs a workers’ compensation attorney in Tacoma, Tukwila, Auburn, Federal Way, Olympia, Edgewood, Sumner, or Fife? Or someone needing workers’ compensation attorney representation in Puyallup, Tumwater, Lacey, University Place, Enumclaw, Lakewood, Gig Harbor, Bonney Lake, or Yelm?

The experienced and reputable team at Reck Law – Workers’ Compensation Attorneys can offer help in every city and county in the area. Pierce County, King County are where most of our cases are, however we handle workers’ compensation cases in Thurston County, Clark County, Lewis County, and beyond. Every workers’ comp lawyer at our office is dedicated to making sure injured workers get the compensation they deserve, and we are always ready to fight for you through claim management, litigation, or otherwise as needed.