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Activity Prescription Form (APF) in Workers’ Compensation and L&I Claims

Have you ever heard of the Activity Prescription Form (APF), which is a required form in an L&I claim? Did you know that an inappropriately filled APF can significantly harm you workers’ compensation claim?


In previous posts I discussed time-loss compensation and loss of earning power (LEP) benefits during the open and active phase of a workers’ compensation or L&I claim. For these benefits to be provided, there must be a medical basis, or certification… Continue to read the complete article.


  1. Cynthia M Steketee

    Can the APF L & I form be filled out by the prior attending provider and not the current one?

    • L&I attorney

      It’s going to look very suspicious to L&I if you submit an APF that’s signed by a provider other than the current attending provider. Can you do it? Sure. Will L&I pay benefits? That’s the real question. Maybe they will. Maybe they won’t. I recommend to have the current attending provider on the claim do it.

  2. blank

    What if my apf changes from work with restrictions to no work till surgery, while on a light duty job offer that was refused due to relocating?

    • blank
      L&I attorney

      If you can no longer perform light duty and are off work due to your injury, you should be able to request payment of time loss compensation.

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