We attorneys would all like to boast perfect success rates. But in reality every case ends with success and loss. That means attorneys sometimes have to deliver the bad news. In fact, in workers’ compensation, even good news can be bad news. For example, successfully getting a claim accepted for treatment also means the injured worker must acknowledge a life altering injury and accept that there will be a long road to recovery. Similarly, being placed on a pension, a significant monetary benefit, means that you’ve lost all reasonable wage earning capacity.


As you can imagine legal successes in workers compensation aren’t always cause for celebration. Even with the best outcomes, injured workers aren’t always satisfied. As a result, I truly cherish conversations like the one I had today. A client shared how a new volunteer opportunity restored joy and meaning to his life. This kind of joy is far greater than any claim related outcome will ever be. I’m glad clients allow me the opportunity to share in these kinds of joys. It helps me get through the darker days when all news seems like bad news.