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Becoming temporarily or permanently disabled while working, or even suffering a lesser workplace injury, can be a stressful event. You may wonder how you are going to make ends meet while you are out of work and no longer receiving a regular weekly or monthly income. Although it is a very stressful time that can involve physical pains and emotional challenges to you and your family, you shouldn’t feel like all hope is lost due to an on the job injury. Employees in Everett, Washington who become injured while working have the option to file a workers’ compensation claim for benefits.

L&I claims are administered by the Department of Labor and Industries (L&I). If your employer of injury is a self-insured employer, then the claim is administered by a third-party administrator or TPA. Either way, you are entitled for medical benefits and monetary benefits. These benefits provide the injured worker with an ongoing income and relief. You can use the funds you receive to continue to pay bills, your mortgage, and other living expenses.


What does a workers’ comp attorney do?

At Reck Law – Workers’ Compensation Attorneys, an Everett workers’ compensation law firm, it is our duty to help injured workers just like you receive the medical treatment and financial benefits you deserve for workplace accident or work injury. We can help you appeal claim decisions whenever issues come up, provide litigation services as needed to fight problems, negotiate claim outcome, and much more. It is our job to try and get you the best possible results and maximum benefits you deserve under Washington State law. Our legal team has many years of experience helping individuals just like you get the outcome they deserve. Contact us today for a free consultation and more details.

If you were injured on the job in Everett, Edmonds, Mill Creek, North Creek, Lynwood, Snohomish, Marysville or other cities and towns in Snohomish County or other neighboring counties like Skagit County and King County, then we are here to help. From free advice and consultation, to claim management, orchestration and litigation, we are available to provide all the legal assistance you need to help you get back on your feet. We helped thousands of injured workers to date, through medical and financial recovery and benefit awards, to do everything that can be done to return to their life before the work injury.


What role does a workers’ comp lawyer serve?

A workers’ compensation attorney works in favor of the injured worker to pursue the benefits and get the results they deserve under an L&I claim. Sometimes a workers’ compensation case will be straightforward without any issues. However, between L&I, L&I claim managers, the employer, the employer’s attorney, and the injured worker, it’s common for many problems to arise throughout the workers’ compensation claim.

For example, many cases take a long time to reach a conclusion because the employer or the claim manager may not agree with the claim, they may dispute the injury or the medical conditions and tests, or generally oppose the direction of where the claim is headed. These are very common reasons in all types of industries around Everett, Washington. These examples are just a few reasons why you need to consider hiring a reliable and highly experience workman’s compensation attorney in Everett.

A workers’ compensation lawyer handles your case and assists you as needed with certain areas of workers’ comp law that you may not know much about. A good workman’s comp attorney knows how laws are interpreted by the different organizations working on your claim. Moreover, an experienced workman’s compensation lawyer will know how to use the legal arguments to position your case in the best way possible. If you were recently injured while on the job and you feel that you can no longer represent yourself against L&I or the self-insured employer,  or if you feel you are not receiving the benefits you should be getting, then you need to hire a top rated work injury lawyer.


A workers’ comp lawyer – when and why?

There are several factors that can help you determine if you need to hire a workers’ comp attorney or not. Here are a few to consider after you have become injured at work to help you decide if you should consult with a workers’ compensation lawyer for assistance.

  • If your employer is trying to deny the acceptance of your claim
  • When your employer’s insurance company or L&I doesn’t pay you benefits on time, or at all
  • If you received a structured settlement offer (also known as CRSSA) and you think that your settlement offer is not what it should be
  • After you reach Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI), if your medical issues prevent you from returning to work at your prior job, limit your abilities to work like you had before, or if your injuries permanently prevent you from working
  • If you currently receive or plan to apply for Social Security Disability and you wish to also file a workers’ compensation claim


Work injury lawyer and L&I claim strategy

It’s necessary for every workers’ comp attorney to put together a strong case strategy for their clients. Our team works hard to ensure that the L&I claim for each client, and that each injured worker that works with us, receives the attention they deserve. We want to be sure that all our clients get the medical coverage and treatment they need to heal, and the money they deserve under their L&I claim or workers’ compensation claim. In our team, each experienced workers’ compensation lawyer takes the time to look at each claim and review claims over and over, together with our paralegals and internal case managers, so that we can come up with new ways to strengthen your case.

Gathering medical evidence

Medical evidence is key to building a strong workers’ compensation case. Here are some examples of things that a workers’ comp lawyer will need while they are putting together you case:

  • Hire a caring expert witness that specializes in the medical field in question under your L&I claim
  • Obtain all the necessary records from hospitals and clinics as needed, from before and after your work accident
  • Work with your current medical provider and attending physician if they are attentive to your needs, or refer you to work with better attending physicians that understand the workers’ compensation system
  • Gather relevant medical records including prescription drug and related out-of-pocket costs

Additional evidence or documents your lawyer may request

  • Statements from people who know you best such as family members or close friends regarding how your ability to complete activities of daily living has changed
  • A testimony from a vocational expert who can verify that you are unable to work in job positions that your claim manager might suggest after you recover from your injury
  • Any other evidence that may lead to favorable outcome of your workers’ compensation claim


A professional work injury attorney to manage your claim

When you choose to hire a workman’s compensation lawyer or L&I lawyer here at Reck Law, you never have to worry about gathering all the important documents and other information needed to build your case. When you hire an attorney at our workers’ compensation law firm in Everett, we will manage every part of your claim.


Getting an L&I attorney to negotiate structured settlement

Any workers’ comp lawyer at our office is qualified and comes with years of experience and will analyze your case and look at every aspect to work to ensure you get the optimal amount of compensation you deserve. After so many years, our workers’ comp lawyers have gained an understanding of how to negotiate with L&I, with insurance companies, and to deal with opposing counsels.

Over time, we helped many injured workers get the benefits they need to pay their medical expenses and living expenses following a job accident. Do not settle for anything less than what you deserve or need to make it through each day. Get in touch with our team here at Reck Law – Workers’ Compensation Attorneys for a free consultation and claim investigation. Let us see how we can get the most out of your workers’ comp claim.


Work injury attorney and workers’ comp hearings and appeals

Some individuals may feel like they have enough evidence to represent themselves in a court of law after filing a workers’ comp claim. However, that never works in practice. Most people who go into a workers’ compensation hearing without the aid of a workers’ compensation lawyer end up giving up some or most of the benefits they should receive. In more extreme cases, they might not prevail at all.

When you hire a professional L&I lawyer to help you with your case, you will have someone by your side who understand how the system works and what you need to win an appeal. Our team at Reck Law will take the time to look over every detail and will stay on top of your case to help you manage every stage in your claim. Appeals are difficult. Appearing at the Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals (BIIA) or in Snohomish County Superior Court or other court of law cannot be done without the help of a top workers’ compensation attorney. We’ve seen it all before and we are here to help.


Workman’s compensation lawyer fees

When you need to file a L&I claim, you can get advice and information from our legal team with a free consultation. Most workers’ compensation attorneys in the Everett-Washington area offer their first consultation at no charge to new clients. Some will also offer free claim investigation as part of their intake process as well. After that, your workers compensation case will be handled on what is known as a contingency basis. This means the attorney will receive a percentage of the financial benefits that you are receiving or will be receiving as part of your claim.

It’s very important to always discuss the payment terms with your workers’ comp lawyer before you continue with the claims process. This will help you eliminate any confusion that may occur in the future.

At Reck Law – Workers’ Compensation Attorneys, we are dedicated to helping injured workers around Everett, Washington and the surrounding cities such as Lynwood, Marysville, Edmonds, North Creek, Mills Creek and others. We regularly represent work injury claimants in Snohomish County Superior Court, Skagit County Superior Court, King County Superior Court, or any other court of law as required. We fight for the rights of injured workers under their workers’ compensation claim and Washington State laws.

If you were recently injured in an accident at work, our legal team is here to help. For immediate help with your case, contact our L&I attorney staff today for a free consultation. We are here to help you get the medical and financial awards you deserve so that you may continue to provide for yourself and your family.