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L&I Retraining: What Are My Options?

L&I claim retraining is one of the most valuable benefits during your workers’ compensation claim in Washington State. Retraining benefits aren’t available for everyone. In fact, retraining is a discretionary benefit. However, when the retraining option is available, I always recommend work injury clients to seriously consider retraining.   L&I claim retraining in Washington State […]

L&I Claim Retraining: The Importance of Good Retraining Plans

The Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) provides a variety of vocational services. The goal of L&I claim vocational services is to help work injury claimants resume continuous, successful, and gainful employment.   L&I claim retraining – Who is eligible? Job retaining isn’t available to everyone. If you have a workers’ compensation claim in Washington […]

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